We Make The Metaverse Sexy

To the virtual denizens of the Metaverse. Simply being there isn’t enough. one has to do it in style.
WEAR is a premium NFT platform created by fashion lovers, melomaniacs, and art fanatics, who are looking to create the next digitial luxury ecosystem across the metaverse. We issue authenticated limited edition digital collectibles created in partnership with luxury brands and contemporary artists.

Our Story

WEAR was formed in the midst of 2021’s pandemic, when crypto had gone mainstream and digital assets were rapidly gaining legitimacy on a global stage. Part of a vision to realize the collaborative ownership of Web 3.0, WEAR was intended to bridge the gap between physical and digital fashion, through innovative use of technologies such as blockchain and Augmented Reality.
With such a singular vision, WEAR then partnered with XRC Labs in New York to develop a one-of-a-kind Marketplace and Metaverse that offers global brands and designers new business models and revenue streams —new storytelling, activations, and engagement.


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Head of Blockchain




Community Manager




XRC labs